Aaranyam Organic Farm is one family's mission to revive traditional multi-crop farming, and to promote organic integrated farming techniques as well as bring back the youth to agriculture.

Located on a seven acre plot of land in the heart of Kerala, and kissing the backwaters, Aaranyam farms is a dream made reality by two dedicated agriculturalists, Mr. Subramanian and his wife Shainy. In a short span of seven years, they have transformed a fallow land into one that has some of the widest varieties of trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits and vegetables, with over 150 species of plants co-existing side by side. Add to this birds, bees, cows, buffaloes, ducks and fishes, Aaranyam is a living example of a farm in harmony with nature.

The name Aaranyam translates to 'forest' and the farm lives ups to its name with its diversity and symbiotic relationship between man, animal and nature. Through Aaranyam Farms, we wish to promote sustainable practices of agriculture, and more importantly promote the joy of farming among the youth. Aaranyam is not for business and profit -it is a model to learn and inspire. Our pages on supporting the farm will give idea how each one of us can contribute to this on-going experiment, and provide the impetus for further agricultural development. Aaranyam also offers facility to stay in the farm, and even stay back and volunteer.

Aaranyam farms invites you to come and experience this small paradise. Whether its for a school visit, research work on various agricultural practices, volunteering in the fields, learning about Kerala cooking, or just a simple tranquil weekend at our home stay, Aaranyam offers something new - everyday, for everyone.